Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Successful People Know The Cosmic Ordering Secrets

By Janette Stretens

As more and more people learn about cosmic ordering, more and more are looking to get involved with it. Place an order and learn to move forward!

There are so many people around the world who are getting what they consciously desire. But it doesn't work first time for everyone. Do the people who it does work for know something the others don't? Are there really cosmic ordering secrets.

Think about the last time that someone you know got a promotion or won a great prize. Whether you know it or not, you were placing an order. Disdain and envy at anothe's success tells the universe that you are someone who welcomes poverty and misery, and that these negative emotions are in fact your status quo.

Consider going to dinner at a nice restaurant. What do you do if you see someone there with a lovely meal? You don't get angry about not having it, you just get excited and order it for yourself! You'd hope that they loved their dinner and you would be happy for themselves.

With that in mind, why not be happy at someone else's success? You'll find that you can take happiness in their success and understand that your own is just as sweet. Don't be angry or bitter or disappointed because that reinforces what you already have; you are essentially planning for failure.

Many religions tell us that prayer and the power of prayer can bring us anything we want. There's a catch. You have to believe. Recently scientists found that if you apply the principals of quantum physics to this same belief system, there is scientific evidence that what was scoffed as religious dogma is true.

It is the application of the mind's energy that makes it happen. This doesn't take away from the religious doctrine but enhances it with proof.

There are too many things that can make you fail if you are just looking at positive affirmations. If you have had problems in the past, this can be reinforced and it can take away a lot of the good that you have created. Some affirmations do stick, but it takes time if the old beliefs are still around.

So what are the cosmic ordering secrets? You need to do a thorough housecleaning of your brain before you start any program to attain your life's desires. You need to start with a clean slate and realize it's okay to accept all the great wealth the Universe has to offer.

Lots of things can help you get rid of the old. Would you use a vacuum on a dirty carpet or a small tooth brush? There are lots of scientific designs out there that can help you make your mind more open to what it is you want.

Self-hypnosis, subliminal affirmations and binaural frequency waves help to do just that. They allow you to find and eliminate all the old negative thinking that you have in your subconscious mind. All that the cosmic ordering secrets really are is understanding that your own subconscious mind wants to sabotage your efforts to get whatever you desire.

Your mind hates change. It fights to keep you in a steady state so unless you believe that you already have what you want, just by using your cosmic ordering system; it fights you tooth and nail. These additional tools help to believe you already are there and relieves you of the fight to improve. It even makes it uncomfortable not to achieve and receive everything you want, because you already believe it exists.

The cosmic ordering system can give you whatever it is you want. Pick out your order and then find a way to make it a reality! - 14682

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