Thursday, February 12, 2009

Discover the way NLP Works

By Mark Spencer

Have you ever been curious as to how hard it would be to persuade someone to side with you or even get them to do something. Well I would like to welcome you to NLP Hypnosis. This is what we are all about. Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis is the ability to control someones actions simply through emotions. Not only that, but this can be used to to persuade another, giving them a positive emotion themselves.

This can be used in multiple ways and for many things with a positive result. It virtually can change any situation to our advantage when someone understands it and knows how to control it properly. For instance if we want someone to back out opinion or idea, we can do this by using a positive emotion to change their thoughts to whichever opinion we have. Let me show you a example to help you understand. Keep in mind, the situation will vary. Lets say you are a salesman at a store in the mall. Your goal is to convince a specific client to purchase a specific product from you store.

Well NLP Hypnosis will allow you to enable a positive emotion in your clients head each time you you perform a chosen action such as patting your client on the back, or touching his shoulder. You can choose the action, the action itself does not matter.

The Hypnosis is gained very simply. Lets say you wanted to use the pat on the back as your action. Well to gain hypnosis over the client, all you need to do is simply pat him on the back each time you see him smile. Once you gained hypnosis, wait until you are about to attempt to make the sale. When ready, pat the client on the back. Through NLP Hypnosis your client would smile and increase your odds of the client making the purchase. This kind of technique is stealthy, the client won't even notice that you are using it. Now take it to a personal level and try using NLP Hypnosis for yourself in your daily life.

After reading that, I hope understand what I mean when I say we can anchor to particular emotion. Therefore once you have the emotions anchored, you can push that emotion and use it at any time. Try this, anytime you are feeling happy snap your fingers. After a set period of time, you will be able to ignite the emotion of happiness with the snap of your fingers. Do you see how NLP Hypnosis can transform your life and deliver amazing results easily and effectively? It is pretty exciting. Such an can be valuable when regularly used. - 14682

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