Friday, February 6, 2009

Four Tips to Fulfill Yourself

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By Ray Gypsy Timmons

Reaching perfect male nirvana of inner confidence is actually quite simple. They roughly divide into four categories: intellectual, physical, monetary, and social. If, each day, you invest a portion of your time in all four of these areas you will feel like a complete man and you will find that your inner confidence improved.


Turning on your intellect is as simple as reading a periodical or the latest hard cover from the library. Even try exploring art such as sculpting or oil painting. Things like this keep your mind stimulated and gives you the ability for diverse conversation especially with women.


Participate in perspiring. Be active daily with going to the gym, hiking, playing flag football, or anything that allows you to sweat. Physically demanding activities keep you healthy and make you look great to the opposite sex. If it's a unique activity like karate, share it in an charismatic story to a woman and she'll see how much more amazing you are than every person she's ever met.


Satiating your monetary category can be as simple as prioritizing at work. You'll have less anxiety on your mind when you know all of your deadlines for the week have been met. With your mind clear of obligations, you can freely relax when you go out and have a laid back time.


No one can go out every night, but every day, put aside time to maintain or grow your social circle. Ring a college room mate, have dinner with a coworker, or cook for close friends. More social events, invites more opportunities to meet your future girlfriend.

If every day you set small goals for yourself in each of these four areas and you accomplish them, then your inner confidence will begin to rise very quickly. You will become the man you always wanted to be. Once you are satisfied with your life, you will open the door for many quality women to enter and share it with you. - 14682

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