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Do You Attract What You Visualize?

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By Stephen Martile

It really comes down to the way you visualize. Do you visualize in the first person or the third person? One of these methods will give you everything you want while the other method will keep you wondering why visualization hasn't worked (yet).

Before I go there, let me explain what I mean by the 1st and 3rd person.

1st Person: this is visualization that occurs through your own eyes; the dream state.

3rd Person: this is visualization that occurs when you are a ghost or in a disassociated state.

When you look through your own eyes, you create the feeling of having the experience now. And when you feel the feelings, you're increasing your frequency of vibration. Increased vibration accelerates attraction. Or in other words, the higher the vibration the higher your "attracting" ability.

How do you change your vibration?

By changing your feelings. Here is a quick test to do exactly that.

Imagine yourself being on beach somewhere. You're looking through the eyes of the third person, or the ghost. Just watch yourself sitting on the beach in the sand. How does that feel?

This time you're going to make a slight change. Instead of being the third person, you're going to be the first person. You want to have the experience through your own eyes. Pay attention to the contrast and shades in the sky; the warm sun and the soft sand. How does that make you feel?

Remember that being in the dreamer state is the way to develop powerful feelings. Being the observer helps you distant yourself - or move away from experiencing your feelings.

If you don't generate feelings during the visualization then you're not getting into that higher vibration. And if you don't get the right vibration then you can't become an attractive magnet. Remember, that your subconscious mind responds the best to your emotions. When you get emotionally involved in an image, then you start the creative forces at work.

You see, your vibration is directly related to the way you feel. If you feel good, you're in a higher vibration. If you feel bad, you're in a lower vibration.

3rd Person Visualization

Visualizing as the observer has it's benefits too. Here are a few to consider:

* This frame of mind provides a new perspective when dealing with challenges. Sometimes you need to distant yourself before you can see the solution to a problem.

* When you distant yourself from a situation it can also remove negative feelings. And if you don't feel as bad, you can make more intelligent decisions.

* You can uncover blind spots by being the observer. Think of it this way. When you see the faults in others it's very obvious to you. You can't understand why others don't see this in themselves. Being the observer allows you to see how others see you. It might be all you need to uncover those areas that are unknown.

If you want to be skillful co-creator, both types of visualization are important. Become masterful at visualization so that you can intentionally create your life experience. - 14682

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Ryan said...

Hi, Nice post. Our feelings help to strengthen the magnetic field which we generate. I like viewing my desires from a 1st person perspective. This makes me believe that I am actually experiencing my goals and I become more emotionally-involved with my image. It feels more "real."