Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Benefits Of Massage

By Ann Chester

Is it a waste of money to have a massage? Are you just paying to have your back rubbed? Massage is far more than that and although the benefits are varied, whichever type of massage you opt for the results are similar. Sports and muscle injuries may benefit from a specific types of massage, such as a Swedish massage.

Well, what are these benefits? and is a massage worth the money? Although massage therapy was used for thousands of years by the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and Chinese as part of their healing tradition, in the Western world it is fairly new. This therapy has only been used for a couple of hundred years in Europe, and for the majority of that time was only available to wealthy people.

In traditional healing, medicines would have been given, as well as advise on diet and exercise, and often massage with oils was also reccommended. Sometimes massage was given as a stand alone therapy and a variety of oils would have been prescribed.

There are many different types of massage therapy used in the West, and new ones are sometimes developed which are then incorporated into use. The art of massage is evolving all of the time, scientists keep finding more and more benefits, and so this therapy has gradually become incorporated into main stream medicine.

Massage is great for relaxing you, but it does far more than that, the benefits can be felt throughout the whole body. Each different type of massage will bring its own unique benefits, and all of the different types will give some benefits that are common to all of them.

It is important to get used to listening to your body, we are all individuals and are changing all of the time. Maybe you have tried massage and thought that it was ok but didn't find any real benefit, then maybe it was the wrong type of massage for you at the moment.

If you are a fan of meditation then you know how to relax, for most of us relaxation is a big problem. Although our ancestors led stressful lives, their stress was in short bursts and not for the prolonged length of time that we in the modern world live with. Maybe you wake up stressed and go to bed stressed, and spend all of the time inbetween rushing around trying to get things done.

Today's stressful world causes you a great deal of harm, there is a hectic pace of life, where you may feel you must be doing something all the time, this takes a toll on you both mentally and physically. You may often feel exhausted, but feel you have to carry on for fear of loosing your job to someone else.

Environmental pollution in the air, and chemicals in your food puts toxins into your body, putting even greater strain on your body. Fortunately, a good massage works to help the body get rid of toxins and allows the body to relax, taking tension out of the tight muscles.

On the physical level a good massage will leave you feeling invigorated, when you have finished your massage you may feel as if you are walking on air.

When there is a build of of toxins in the body the excess is placed into cells to stop the toxins from harming the body. Problems arise when the cells themselves cannot function properly due to an overload of toxins, health problems then start to develop. When you have a massage there is an increase in your blood and lymphatic circulation, this in turn helps the body to excrete any toxins so the cells do not get to the point of overload.

When you have a massage there is a lot of physical manipulation of the muscles, this can reduce stiffness, release tension and increase mobility. Due to the nature of this physical manipulation, massage is very good as part of your regular exercise regimine, as it can help in the prevention of muscle injury.

Many scientific studies confirm that massage therapy can:

Reduce heart rate.

Lower blood pressure (if high).

Increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

Relax stiffened and tense muscles while stimulating weak and inactive muscles to compensate for lack of movement due to an illness or an injury.

Increases endorphins.

There is a reduction in anxiety and tension.

There is still a lot of research needed to find out what else can be helped by massage therapy and over the years this list will grow even bigger.

The type of treatment offered by skilled masseur combines healing techniques which will work with the natural healing powers of your body to bring about wholeness to your mind, body and spirit.

Of course, it is recommended that anyone with any severe condition or chronic pain should consult with a licensed medical professional before embarking on a massage. Also any well trained massage therapist will be able to tell you if it is wise for you to have a massage or not. - 14682

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