Monday, June 25, 2007

Past Life Regression it's as safe as Meditation

Past life regression is an exciting trip into your own past lives, unlocking doors in your mind that open other worlds, worlds that were yours in another time. It is a process whereby you are guided into hypnosis and then encouraged to explore the details of a particular life or number of lives and is conducted in a light trance state similar to that of meditation or the state just before sleep so they are commonly offered, but not exclusively, by individuals trained in hypnotherapy. Past life regression is a term coined in the West that describes any type of method used to help us "see" and "understand" our past lives. It is also possible without hypnosis. When done correctly, past life regression is a wonderful tool that can shed light on seemingly unsolvable problems and help overcome blocks. The best way to know what past life regression is like is to experience it yourself.

For centuries the advanced religions of the east and the writings and teachings of innumerable spiritual masters have taught that the patterns of suffering or fortune we experience are the direct result of the "karma" (good or evil deeds) we have accumulated in past lives. Past life regression is typically experienced by relaxing the body and conscious mind so that you can access the subconscious (memories, present and past lives) and super conscious (all that is). Some relax so deeply that they speak in different languages (this is very rare, however), and some can't relax, detach from their monkey-mind or suspend apprehension or skepticism enough to experience much of anything. Since you cannot bring forth physical evidence of reincarnation through past life regression, those who experience regression don't know for sure that it's real. A session may include other experiences in addition to visiting a past-life, such as a regression to the past of this life, etheric plane communication, inner guide work, and/or life between lives work. Clients and hypnotherapists have been amazed at the experiences arising in past life regression. Since the lives that do come to the surface are very pertinent to the challenges, talents, situations, companions and such that you have in this life, it is worthwhile to really pay attention to your experience.

Unfortunately, in the frequently heated debate about whether past lives are "real", there is one question that is rarely asked: Is PLR as effective in helping people to solve their everyday problems and improve their lives as other short-term interventions? When done correctly, past life regression is a wonderful tool that can shed light on seemingly unsolvable problems and help overcome blocks. You will be led through the various key incidents of that lifetime, focusing on unresolved emotions, problems and conflicts. During a past life regression you will travel back in time to gain the learning and insights from previous incarnations, and use this understanding to solve present day problems. Past life regression therapy can:

* Solve problems that conventional therapy has failed solve
* Eliminate irrational fears and phobias
* Identify and change destructive patterns
* Gain insights into your own mind, behavior and how you relate to others
* Identify your life purpose and karmic destiny
* Learn about your role in your relationships with loved ones
* Find out who you were before
* Find out if you have known your loved ones in previous lives and how you were related

Although past life regression may not solve all of your problems, if you go into past life regression therapy with an open mind you can come out with more clarity and a better understanding of your life purpose. This will enable you to understand the reasons for many of the problems that you are experiencing in this present lifetime. These could include chronic illness, relationship problems, continuing financial struggles, and many other painful personal challenges that just don't go away. These illustrations often appear to be scenes "explaining" the cause of current problems that do not seem to have any other explanation.

Past Life Regression is not to be considered 'therapy' as that is left to medical and psychological professionals. Past Life Regression is an extremely powerful and dynamic way to go within and connect with your inner knowing to make positive changes in your modern day life. It is a powerful tool to assess the deepest memory at an unconscious level and is one of the most fascinating areas of unexplained human phenomena.

Would you like to experience Past Life Regression Yourself?

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