Monday, June 4, 2007

One Million Children Fed Using the Power of the Internet, Success Principles and the Law of Attraction

One million children will be fed from the funds raised in less than 4 days, at the World Internet Mega Summit held recently in Singapore, by Stephen Pierce and his team. This goes to prove the power of the internet in the ability to raise money for an altruistic cause. Stephen Pierce rose from rags to riches and is now a success business owner and internet marketer owning millions. His story, success principles and that of Bob Proctor's similar rags to riches story are highlighted in a recent report released at In addition to a compelling reason, a strong desire, vision and focused action, working for a higher and altruistic cause is a common element for lasting success and realized in most success stories today.

(PRWEB) June 2, 2007 -- Stephen Pierce and his team recently raised more than $100,000 USD to feed One Million Children from the Feed the Children Fund. This mega fund raising event was part of the World Internet Mega Summit recently held in Singapore from 26- 29th May 2007. The challenge was to raise enough money to feed one million children within 4 days using only the power of the internet. This deadline was met in less than 78 hours. At the time of this press release, donations are still accepted at This call to action was met with resounding success using the power of the internet, a firm belief to an unwavering cause and the power of teamwork and the human appeal for a worthy cause.

The story of Stephen Pierce is that of a modern fairy tale. His story reeks of seemingly impossible possibilities and he described how he went from a homeless, bankrupt high school drop out to now owning a 4.3 acre million dollar estate and making millions of dollars every year. His life experienced a turnaround and he applied the principles of a firm unwavering belief and focused action towards the life of his dreams. He recently created a report with Bob Proctor at on his proven three step plan he uses for attracting and experiencing exactly what he wants in life. He also includes a critical missing piece to realizing powerful positive results from the universal law of attraction in your life. In addition, he gives tips on how to tweak your brain so you have an unwavering focus on exactly what you want... and what to do next to make sure you get it.

Success stories of many multi millionaires around the world seem have equally dramatic and amazing turnarounds. A similar thread seems to run in the life of Bob Proctor of "You were Born Rich" fame. He recently created the Science of Getting Rich Program at with Jack Canfield, designed to take you on a detailed step by step plan on getting from where you are to a life of riches and wealth. He was also a featured speaker in the movie and book " The Secret," directed by Rhonda Byrne and currently still circulating like wildfire around the globe.

The basis of success is a strong enough reason to take action, and deep compelling desire. Coupled with an unwavering belief, vision and focused action, the success formula will prove itself again in paving the way for the law of attraction to work. At the heart of lasting success, as many who have gone on that journey will attest, is the human touch, the altruistic call, the higher cause and a willing service beyond oneself that will make success all that more sweeter, useful, compelling and worthwhile.

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