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How to Use the Law of Attraction - Learn How to Alter Your Beliefs to Manifest It

How to Use the Law of Attraction - Learn How to Alter Your Beliefs to Manifest It
By Harsh Agrawal Jain

According to online dictionary, a belief is something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction. It is an idea which you consider as truth even though that idea may or may not be true. Our beliefs are framed in early childhood and teenage years by parents, siblings, peers and our day-today experiences. You keep thinking and believing these beliefs as thoughts throughout the day, consciously or subconsciously, and hence, the law of attraction brings the same to us in the real outer world.

On one side, positive beliefs help you achieve your goals quickly while negative beliefs serve as an obstacle in achieving your goals. Hence, it is really important that you change your beliefs to manifest the law of attraction. Follow these simple steps to alter your negative beliefs and replace them by positive ones:-

1. Write Down Your Negative Beliefs:

a. The first step in changing your negative beliefs is to carry a personal diary and pen with you throughout the day. Whenever, you find yourself thinking a negative thought, just stop a minute and write down that thought in your personal diary. Write down all those thoughts and beliefs which trigger anxiety and bring your confidence down in your personal diary throughout the day. Make sure you keep everything confidential. Other people's ridicule and laugh may shatter your confidence.

b. After you have jolted down your negative beliefs, take out some time and go through each of them. While going through these negative beliefs, just accept yourself for whoever you are and accept that it is OK to have these beliefs. Just welcome all the negative beliefs and release them.

2. Write Down the New Positive Beliefs:

After releasing your negative beliefs, write down the opposite of all of them in a separate piece of paper. The conventional method of writing the opposite positive statement for your negative beliefs and repeating it to yourself several times creates a lot of discomfort and does not really works for most of the people. Hence, it is really important that you write a solution along with your counter positive statement in your diary.

For example, if your negative beliefs are:-

a. I can't do this.
b. I am never able to finish my work on time.
c. That guy gives me a difficult time. I can't tolerate him anymore.
d. I hate my job.

Your counter positive statements will be:-

a. I can do this. This task is pretty easy, it can be easily completed.
b. I can finish my work on time. By dividing my work into several mini-tasks and assigning a deadline for each of them, I can get any work done in a given period of time.
c. I am cool with that guy. His attitude and behavior does not really matter to me. I will remain calm, assertive and straight to the point while talking to him.
d. I love my job. I will find and cherish one good thing about my job daily.

3. Establishing the New Positive Beliefs in Your Subconscious

In order to plant the new positive beliefs, just before sleeping at night and just after waking up in the morning, speak out all the positive statements (written in previous step) with full passion and enthusiasm. Mixing emotions, confidence and enthusiasm to your positive statement is important. This is where most of the books and self-development courses fail. Nothing is going to happen if you don't mix your emotions while auto-suggesting your positive statements. Keep doing this exercise daily until you start believing positive statements as actual and they become your new real positive beliefs.

4. Finding Real Life Examples

Find real life examples where you have actually acted against your negative belief. This method is really very powerful. Again many self-development books and courses miss this method. In fact, your negative belief will be completely and immediately dissolved when you find a good real life example of you acting in completely contradiction to your negative belief.

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Miriam Dawson said...

It's definitely important to clear negative beliefs so we can take full advantage of the Law of Attraction. It's overlooked by people who believe that positive thoughts alone can attract whatever we want.