Monday, December 8, 2008

Some Additional Resources for Gratitude

I recently read these posts and really enjoyed what they had to say about gratitude

7 Ways To Center Yourself In Gratitude

One of the best emotions to cultivate alongside a positive attitude is a feeling of gratitude and appreciation. In fact, these emotions are of the highest vibrational frequency and by virtue of the Law of Attraction, you attract more of what you are already thankful for.

7 Keys To Law of Attraction Living For Kids

5. Be Happy. Kids naturally move towards the things that make them happy. We don’t even need to teach them do this. My kids are really happy when they go outdoors. The picture on the left is taken just two week ago!!

6. Live In Gratitude.
My kids may not be the richest kids in their popular school but they do have a cupboard full of toys and get to enjoy a lot of nice things. They know that complaints are not appreciated in the house. Instead, they are encouraged to express their gratitude for what they have.

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