Sunday, November 11, 2007

What is Lucid Dreaming?

You may have heard of lucid dreams before, but what are they? Are they just vivid dreams, like nightmares? Or are they something more?

In fact, a lucid dream is as real an event as anything that happens in your daily life. Someone experiencing a lucid dream is in the same state they are in during their daily life, only now they are in the dream world where they can do anything. Naturally, lucid dreaming is loads of fun, as you can do anything that you want.

Lucid dreaming is also wonderful for learning to conquer phobias, or even to stop nightmares. Once you become a regular lucid dreamer, nightmares will nearly always cause to you become lucid, as nightmares naturally tend to become more vivid. This is a good way to stop nightmares - once you become lucid, you can completely change the dream into a good one. Or you can face your fears head-on in a lucid dream. Get comfortable with snakes, or heights, or anything you can imagine, in an environment where nothing can possibly ever hurt you. How cool is that?

Lucid dreaming is accomplished by learning to become aware that you are dreaming. There are many different ways to do this, and I won't go into them here. Some techniques have you learn to recognize signs of dreaming (common dream elements, etc). Some have you train yourself to become accustomed to checking whether or not you are dreaming so that the habit carries into the dream. There are even devices you can buy to help you become lucid during dreams, although most of them take some time to get used to, and are not very comfortable.

However, the learning is well worth the effort, as nothing is as exhilarating as flying through the sky, dipping and looping, or going anywhere you want to go in a blink. There are many uses for lucid dreaming outside of simple novelty. They can be used with the Law of Attraction to assist in manifesting things in your daily life. They can be used, as previously mentioned, to assist in working through phobias or trauma. And they can be used for fun, stress-relief, or for experiencing things you can never do in the "real world". You can have tea with a fairy in a castle floating in the clouds. Or ride with Santa on his sleigh. Anything you can imagine can be done.

Check out more about lucid dreaming. There are numerous benefits to learning to do so, and your life will become a richer experience for it. When your periods of sleep become as active and exciting as your waking life, you will thank me.

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Lucid dreams can be used to do all sorts of amazing things apart from creating your own playground. I like the idea of linking them with the law of attraction :)

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