Friday, November 23, 2007

Using Focus to Manifest Your Desires

You can manifest your desires using your thoughts and emotions, right? But how do get the Law of Attraction to work faster? How do you ensure that your desire manifests at all? The answer to all of these questions is focus!

When you focus on something, you are basically placing the flashlight of your consciousness on that thought. The power of focus is no different than the power of light. When you shine a flashlight into a dark room, the light penetrates and shows the item or items it is focused on. Likewise, when you focus on a desire or intent, you are cutting through the illusion of physical reality in such a way as to give power to the object of your focus. The result is that the object of your focus manifests in your physical reality.

Here in the early 2000's, we are all becoming a little bit ADD. Television commercials, among other advertising media are, for the most part, geared precisely towards the amount of time scientifically proven to be the average amount of time a person can focus on one thing. You may notice that many commercials are fairly short!

Likewise, others have done a study on what people actually see when looking at the results page of a search engine. People see the first two to three results, then less and less of each following result, in the shape of a triangle, until the results at the bottom of the page are only pulling one or two letter's worth of focus.

In general, we have very short attention spans and very poor focus skills. As a result, we carry that problem into our thoughts, meditations, and visualizations, and don't put enough focus into things to bring their manifestation about. Learning to meditate and become still is a wonderful booster for focus. Likewise, you can practice focusing on an item, and object, or a mental image and catch yourself when you begin to lose attention. These practices are frustrating the first few times, but very quickly you will gain great mastery over your ability to focus.

When you can focus on something for an extended period of time, you are ready to manifest with speed! The more focus a desire gets, the more energy it receives, and the faster and more accurately it will manifest. Of course, repetition can bring about similar results, but longer, more focused visualization will help you to manifest more consistently and more quickly.

Practice focusing on something like a candle flame until you are able to remain focused for about five minutes. A five minute Law of Attraction visualization is very powerful, and probably more than you have been putting into it in the past. Turn that focus toward your visualizations, and see how much this improves your ability to manifest!

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