Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rejuvenation for the Wilted Summer Spirit: Free TeleSeminar On How To Zap Negativity and Put The Law of Attraction To Work In Your Favor

Explore the Astonishing Power Of You™ in a free 75 minute teleseminar with author Hazel Palaché as she jump starts the summer of success in your life. Summer is traditionally a hard and slow economic time for many entrepreneurs, but people are still spending money every day. If they're not spending it with your company, you're missing out! Hazel brings her 25 years of coaching experience to focus on how to eliminate the obstacles that plague the best of business owners and get back on the track of success.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 26, 2007 -- Summer can wilt the spirit of solo-entrepreneurs, non-seasonal businesses, coaches and authors as clients and customers take their dollars and opportunities on vacation. Certified Life Coach Hazel Palaché knows from experience how negativity can spike when the heat goes up and how to turn it around. As a respite from the dreary, Hazel is holding free 75 minute teleseminar on Tuesday, July 31, 2007 at 6pm Eastern time on How To Zap Negativity and Turn Yesterday's Doubt into Tomorrow's Success.

"There's a reason for the phrase - the dog days of summer - where the heat zaps the life from us. For those who make a living for themselves, there is no extended time to take a vacation from your business and we must take time to renew our spirit in the midst of uncertainty," explains Hazel Palaché. Life coach to successful actors, entrepreneurs and CEO's. "This is a prime time to take advantage of the "Gone Fishing" mentality of your competitors and watch your business thrive."

In this 75 teleseminar, Hazel shares her time-tested tools for success and provides practical tips for discovering unconscious limiting beliefs, simple but effect time management life-savers and techniques for conditioning your mind for success. To register for this free training, please visit . Space is limited to the first 100 people to register, so don't fall into the trap of the biggest thief of success today--procrastination. Sign up now.

About Hazel Palaché

Author and Life Coach, she has been bringing the magic of The Astonishing Power of You™ to life for her clients for the past 25 years. Hazel, born in London, brings her international view of the world and people and provides a unique perspective of the human condition. In her new book, The Astonishing Power of You, Simple Steps to An Extra-ordinary Life (Fall, 2007 Simple Insights Press), Hazel teaches the easiest and most-overlooked methods to have less stress and more success in life.

For interviews, please contact Hazel's LA based representative, Maureen O'Crean at 310-379-9620

To sign up for the free teleseminar, please visit

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