Friday, July 20, 2007

The Power of Concentration - Lesson 1

"The Power of Concentration" was written under the pseudonym Theron Q. Dumont, by a true Master of Mind Power - William Walker Atkinson.  In this series of lessons, the reader is taught how to concentrate and unleash their latent power from within and to reach their higher potential.

Lesson 1: Concentration Finds the Way - Our two natures; one wants to advance; the other wants to pull us back. The one we concentrate on and develop determines what we will become. How you may change your whole career and accomplish miracles. We can be completely controlled by our concentrated thought. How can you make an "opportunity"? One man's opportunity is usually another man's loss. A very beneficial practice. Why we get back what we give out. A wonderful encouraging tonic. Every man that is willing to put forth the necessary effort can be a success. The man that is best prepared to do things. How to make your services always in demand. How to reach the top. The man selected to manage is not usually a genius. He does not possess any more talent than others. What he does possess that others do not. Why a few succeed and so many fail.

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