Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It’s Time to Fly Down From the Tree

I attended a conference a few weeks ago and one of the speakers said something that really resonated with me. The comment was “God provides the birds with an abundant supply of food, but the birds have to go get it” I’ve been noticing more and more negative articles about the Law of Attraction. It’s being called a scam, a fantasy, Pollyanna. Do you suppose the authors of those articles are sitting in the trees meditating, reciting affirmations and just waiting for the Universe to put a worm in their mouths?

Positive Thinking (alone) Does NOT Work… Positive Action combined with Positive Thinking Does. This is precisely why there are several steps necessary for the Law of Attraction to work the way you want it to. This article will focus on Action.

To receive, achieve, or get what you want you will first need to be the person that receives, achieves, and gets what it is you want. You can’t be that person without acting like that person acts. That will require you knowing how that person acts (duh). Who do you know has accomplished what it is you want to accomplish? Mine is Benjamin Franklin yours may be Donald Trump or Michael Jordan. All of us have heroes. Let me give you an example of what I’ve done to make an effort to be like Franklin. First I read his autobiography, next I listened to several audio versions of different biographies; I’ve watched the History Channel and PBS versions of his biography. I guess I’m a little obsessive. Here is something Franklin did that all of us could benefit from. He had 13 character traits that he worked on improving each day. This is a really important point because the easiest way to make changes in ourselves is one day at a time. A little bit at a time. The character traits were Self-control – being determined and disciplined in your efforts, Silence – listen better in all discussions, Order – don’t agonize… organize, Pledge – promise to put your best effort into today’s activities, Thrift – watch how you spend your money and your time, Productivity – work hard, work smart, have fun, Fairness – teat others the way you want to be treated, Moderation – avoid extremes, Cleanliness – have a clean mind, body and habits, Tranquility – take time to slow down and “smell the roses”, Charity – help others, Humility – keep your ego in check, Sincerity – be honest with yourself and others. If one were to focus on one of these traits each day and just do their best to practice it, one could not help but become a better person.

Other actions that can be taken are to gather pictures of places you want to go and things you want to do and have. Place the pictures on a board where you will see them everyday several times a day. I KNOW you’ve heard it before… have you done it? Have you achieved what you want? Well then for goodness sake try it, it certainly won’t hurt. Don’t sit in the tree waiting for the Universe to drop a worm into your mouth.

The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a past and a future memory. By reinforcing with images, reading and listening what you want to do, be and have you are creating the belief in the subconscious mind that you can be, no, are the person who does, is and has all that you desire.

It's time to fly down from the tree, it's time to fly to the bush, and it's time to eat the berries.

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