Monday, April 2, 2007

The Secret of 'The Secret' to be
Outed April 28

Richmond, VA (PRWeb) April 2, 2007 -- Stephen Hawley Martin, Publisher of The Oaklea Press, announced today that on April 28 his firm will release a book entitled "How to Master Life: The Science Behind The Secret" meant to help those who are having difficulty employing The Law of Attraction for their benefit, or "The Secret" as it has become known due to the popular book and movie of that name.

Martin said, "Belief is the key to having The Law of Attraction work. But not everyone is able to believe, and they get what they expect -- little or no results. But once the science behind the the secret is known, belief is no longer a matter of faith. A reader of this book will accept that The Law works as surely as gravity works and this is often all that's needed for results to occur."

The book focuses on a scientific theory originally presented by Thomas Troward at Queens Gate in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1904, in a series called "The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science." Although his theory was hailed as brilliant by many in academia, Troward wrote and spoke in stilted, nineteenth century scientific jargon, which made the theory difficult if not impossible for ordinary people even in his day to understand. This has been remedied by the plain English translation of Troward's lectures presented in Oaklea's new book.

Martin said that a brief discussion of a quantum physics experiment also has been included, the findings of which provide sound evidence that Troward's theory is valid. Included as well are easily followed steps readers can take to put "The Secret" to work.

Thomas Troward (1847-1916) was born in Punjab, India to British parents. He was educated in England, and graduated college with gold metal honors. Stephen Hawley Martin, a prizewinning author, editor, and successful businessman, is author of "Keys to the Kingdom," a New Consciousness staple. More information about Martin, his works and an excerpt from "How to Master Life: The Science Behind The Secret" can be found at

The Oaklea Press was founded in 1995. The firm publishes fiction, metaphysical and self-help books, and a successful line of business management books that help executives run businesses more efficiently.

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