Thursday, February 14, 2008

Your Idyllic Life is a Fantasy Away!

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction, and how it provides you the ability to attract exactly the things, people, and circumstances into your life that you visualize? You certainly also have a dream life in mind – that model life you would most like to be living. You may occasionally visualize it, but you might not do so as much as you did, say, as a child. Even when you daydream, you probably "come back to reality" afterwards, and maybe even feel silly for daydreaming. I'm here to tell you today that your ultimate life is a mere vision away.

Visualizing is the most important aspect of applying the Law of Attraction. What do you think that "visualizing" is? It's focused, intentional daydreaming! Using your imagination willfully (rather than as a guilty pleasure, which we as proper adults should never indulge in…), you open up doors of potential you may not have imagined possible.

Most of us, as adults, do not daydream in any type of focused manner. We daydream for a few seconds here and there, sporadically. We do not choose to daydream on a specific desire we have, because we have been instructed to consider that a childish activity. Daydreaming, however, is anything but childish.

Daydreaming, when focused, is the sincerest form of habit for using the Law of Attraction to bring forth your desires into your life.

Take a few moments each and every day to sit back, relax, and truly visualize what you desire. Daydream for as long as you can before your mind starts to wander, then continue your regular daily activities. By making the conscious decision to daydream without shame, you will begin to put out that powerful, excited emotional energy that so many children generate day after day. This is the energy of creation. This is the energy of attraction.

As you begin to establish this compelling practice, you will find that your desires begin to flow more naturally into your life, with little effort on your part. It can be far easier to attract your desires than you imagine at this time. Let the power of your visualizations and the focus of your intent manifest your desires into your life. But beware, once this process begins to blossom, you can't stop it. You will forevermore find yourself living a life that more and more resembles your ideal life.

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Sherer said...

Great post... I would even go as far to say people need to be careful what they really dream for!