Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mind Your Self-Talk

While your Inner Critic acts as a pre-recorded tape of pessimism, Self-Talk is the internal dialogue that results.

Along with your Inner Critic, Self-Talk is a constant, running dialogue in your conscious and unconscious mind that can be self-limiting unless you become aware of it and use it to empower you. Negative Self-Talk can come from inside of you—or from the outside world and the given circumstances. We are the results of how we see ourselves—how we communicate with ourselves, and how we have been programmed. Be aware of who and what is programming your brain. Surround yourself with people who validate your beliefs and encourage your ideas, so that they can help you reach your positive outcomes. If we allow others to make our decisions for us, we become voluntary slaves.

Wilder Penfield said, "Every thought you've ever had is stored in your brain and remembered forever!" Fill that storage bin with positive thoughts!

The mind does not make value judgments about the information it is programmed with. When garbage has been programmed into the unconscious, the outcome will be garbage!


Here are some examples.

GI (Misinformation): Actors are fake.
GO (Limited Behavior): You feel uncomfortable about acting

GI (Misinformation): Big men don't cry
GO (Limited Behavior): Men develop stress-related illness

GI (Misinformation): The Jones' are clumsy
GO (Limited Behavior): Bill Jones is accident prone

GI (Misinformation): To be creative you've Got to have "it"
GO (Limited Behavior): Lots of people miss out on developing their creativity because they think they don't have IT

Internal Negative Self-Talk includes statements like:

• "How could I be so dumb?"

• "What's wrong with me?"

• "I'll never be able to act like a professional."

• "I won't get far without a college degree."

What happens if you accept this negative Self-Talk? EVERY statement you make to yourself programs your unconscious mind, and creates a belief system. By accepting negative Self-Talk, you shut down and become ineffective in life. You lose your passion to succeed, excel, compete, and give back to society.

By consciously becoming aware of your Self-Talk, you will rekindle your passion for life, stop playing the victim, and move with confidence toward successful outcomes.

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To your Success,
Dick Ingersoll

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